Please note, this list is being updated daily. If you have updates please contact us!


Restaurant Name Expected Re-Opening
Arawak TBD
Artisan OPEN
Blanchard's Beach Shack TBD
Blanchard's Restaurant TBD
Breezes at The Reef OPEN
Cha Cha San TBD
CJ Restaurant TBD
Corner Bar & Pizza OPEN
Covecastles TBD
Cuisinart Restaurants 2018/2019
Da'Vida Main OPEN
Da'Vida Bayside OPEN
Dad's Bar & Grill OPEN
Dolce Vita OPEN
Dune Preserve TBD
E's Oven OPEN
Elite Restaurant TBD
Elodias OPEN
Elvis' Beach Bar OPEN
Falcon's Nest OPEN
Ferryboat Restaurant OPEN
Flavours OPEN
Four Seasons Restaurants TBD
Garden Terrace Cafe TBD
Geraud's Bakery OPEN
Gwen's Raggae Grill OPEN
Hibernia OPEN
Uncle Ernies TBD
Jacala OPEN Call for Hours
Johnno's OPEN
Le Bon Pain OPEN
Madeariman OPEN
Malliouhana November 2018
Mangos TBD
Meze at Veya TBD
Nico's Closed
Ocean Echo OPEN
Old Caribe (AGH) TBD
Palm Grove TBD
Picante OPEN
Pit Stop Ben OPEN
Prickly Pear TBD
Ripples TBD
Roti Hut OPEN
Roy's Bayside Grill Open
Ruth's Yum Yum OPEN
Sand Bar OPEN
Sandy Island Festive
Scilly Cay TBD
Serenity TBD
Smokey's on the Cove TBD
Straw Hat OPEN
Sunshine Shack OPEN
Tasty's OPEN
The Place OPEN
The Pumphouse TBD
The Reef Restaurant TBD
Trattoria Tramonto OPEN
Tropical Sunset OPEN
Valley Bistro TBD
Village Bakehouse OPEN- New Location
Zemi Restaurants Feb 15
Coconuts @ The Great House OPEN
English Rose OPEN
Hall's Unique Bakery OPEN
Mary's Bakery OPEN
Andy's OPEN
Ben's Pit Stop OPEN
Uncle Ernie's OPEN
Sharpy's Shake Shack OPEN
CeBone @ CeBlue OPEN